How will your story be told?

Come the day of your wedding, we center our attention in 3 major areas. We delight in focusing on the Highlights. We relish in capturing those quiet, special moments shared between you and your loved ones. We also spotlight the details, which make your day special and unique.

We focus on your Portraits as Bride, Groom, and Bride and Groom together. These formal portraits will be the moments you put on display in your home and/or place of work. They are the photographs that will be shown to friends and family for years to come.

Lastly, we focus on Formals…showcasing the people in your lives that you have chosen to share this amazing day with. From your parents and grandparents to your bridal party and close friends, start to finish, we make sure we get them all.


Steve believes a “Preferred Wedding” should be an outstanding wedding experience.  From planning to sharing …the photos tell it all because a wedding is more than a day … it is the beginning of a new family, a brand new story.


All our wedding day photography services include a photography team and a web gallery. Our team includes a photographer and an assistant. What this means for you … while the assistant focuses on the lighting and helps make adjustments where needed, the photographer is able to have all their focus on you … resulting in classic, fine-art wedding photography with personality, talent and professionalism!


We move throughout your day.  Effortlessly. Experienced. Professional.

We are invisible … when we should be. We direct the action … when we need to.

We are fun, engaging, helpful and respectful.

 Email Us or call us 585-544-5156 to schedule a meeting.


We do require $400.00 to secure our services for a specific date.  We accept all forms of payment.

 Contact us today for a list of the packages and albums we offer, complete with pricing.



Would you like to “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY?”

Schedule an engagement session with us. If you ‘like’ us and choose us to photograph your wedding, we will credit the engagement session toward your wedding investment. Images from your engagement session can be used for prints, guest books and Save-the-Dates.